Preparation for wallpaper removal

Before beginning the dismantling, it’s important to prepare the workplace. Not necessarily the older coat comes off easily – you have to have resources at hand. Safety precautions are no less significant.

It won’t be possible to eliminate the old coating in absolute cleanliness. Together with plaster, wallpaper, old paint, dust may come off. To preserve furniture or floors, you need to ready the room.

Prepare the room:

  • Entirely shut off the electricity in the room.
  • Tape power outlets and switches with masking tape or duct tape.
  • Remove furniture.
  • Lay picture or newspapers on the floor.
  • Tape baseboards.
  • When there’s furniture – transfer it to the middle and pay.
  • Leave a moist rag in the entrance – it traps the dust.

What tools are needed for dismantling?

To remove the old coating, different tools have been used. It matters that the substance – a few background is eliminated easily, others need to be wet or treated with a unique composition. However, there is a listing of basic tools.

You will need:

  • A spoonful of warm water.
  • Roller.
  • Sponge.
  • Brush using a metallic stack.
  • Background remover.
  • Basic Procedures and resources for removing old wallpaper

    Each substance has its own attributes. How to eliminate – depends on the type of old cloth.

    With water

    The simple and most obvious method. By wetting it is easy to eliminate old fashioned, fleece, newspaper and even vinyl background.