Director Science Department
Research and Knowledge Area
«La Caixa» Bank Foundation
Member of the HEIRRI Consortium
ACUP: How would you define HEIRRI and how does it interact with RRI Tools?
ILV: Responsible research and innovation is an umbrella concept in science policy that tries to give answers to crucial issues of the relation of research and innovation with society. Public engagement with science, gender equality, open access to research results and a science more focused in solving societal problems… are some of the issues that RRI tries to give guidelines for. RRI Tools is gathering and developing practical tools to tackle these issues in an easy to use, collaborative, sustainable platform and HEIRRI is specifically focused in developing new RRI resources to apply this approach to higher education curricula in science and engineering. RRI Tools will be the window to the resources developed by HEIRRI and we work very closely for that purpose.
ACUP: Which is the added-value that RRI can give to Higher Education Institutions?
ILV: Universities play a key role in achieving economic growth and social progress. Responsible research and innovation proposes a way of conducting research and innovation in a more social desirable way, integrating wider society in its developments and targeting the grand challenges that we face as societies. For that reason, integrating RRI in science and engineering curricula will prepare the future researchers and innovators to a world were science and knowledge have an increasing role and responsibility in social progress.