gema-revueltaDirector – Centre for Studies of Science, Communication and Society.
UPF, university HEIRRI project coordinator.

ACUP: What do you expect of the HEIRRI project when completed in 3 years time?
GR: We expect the project will contribute to the integration of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) within the education of sciences and engineering. The aim is to promote it in the long term, in order the future scientist and engineer staff (as well as others involved in the process of R & D + i) to have the knowledge and skills to integrate the RRI in their activity. Thus, research and innovation could be in line with the expectations, needs and values of society. So, to integrate RRI into university education may increase social benefits of research and innovation in Europe.

ACUP: How can the RRI improve the university of the future?
GR: To incorporate the RRI into the daily scientific practice has two clear benefits: first, it has the potential to make a more efficient investment in research and innovation; and secondly, to encourage it to focus more on global social challenges. Awareness, knowledge and acquisition of knowledge and tools to incorporate RRI to the professional practice should be taught as early as possible. In this sense, higher education institutions play an essential role.