HEIRRI Training Programmes


Resources developed by the project

The HEIRRI Training Programmes and formative materials designed for different educational levels (bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, MOOC, Summer schools, train-the-trainer, secondary school teachers), mainly based on innovative and participative methodologies (following a «Problem-based learning» approach) and presented in multimedia formats are available at the RRI tools website.

Visit the RRI Tools webpage to see all the resources in detail and download the ones you like best!

However, you can also download them from here:
– 1. Studying responsibility a modul-based integration of RRI into BA programme​
– 2. Doing and Experiencing Dialogical Reflection on Research and Innovation
– 3. Enhance your Thesis
– 4. Responsible PhD-RRI and PhD research projects
– 5. Supporting RRI-developing guidelines for PhD candidates
– 6. Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation in Higher Education
– 7. Facilitating Reflection on Responsible Research and Innovation
– 8. Considering Responsible Research and Innovation by design
– 9. Concepts and Practice of Responsible Research and Innovation
– 10. Science open to society

Some of them have been translated into Spanish. Find them below:
– 1. Guía sobre el Aprendizaje basado en Problemas (ABP) de las instituciones de educación superior y para la innovación e investigación responsables
2. Guía de Casos de HEIRRI: introducción a los casos de RRI
3. Guía de los juegos de rol de HEIRRI: guía del tutor de los juegos de rol, los experimento de GDF, la moda sostenible, la biomasa, la nanotecnología en la agricultura y el engaño
4. Tarjetas con declaraciones