HEIRRI Deliverables

  • State of the art review 
    This deliverable presents the results of the State of the Art review of RRI and RRI learning. As a background for the development and piloting of training programmes and materials, this document provides a review of RRI in teaching contexts as well as a database of relevant examples of existing practices. This deliverable describes in more detail the review approach and outlines its results. It includes the following chapters:
    – A brief introduction to the emerging concept of RRI
    – A description of the purpose of the review and the methodological approach
    – A presentation of the results of the review, including reflections about the implications of the review for WP3 and WP4
    – Preliminary thoughts about the HEIRRI database development
  • Training Programs Design
    This document presents the final HEIRRI training programmes and the process of developing them. All higher education institutions interested in using the HEIRRI training programmes for teaching RRI, will can find the training programmes and a practical guidance on how to use them in the last part of the deliverable.
    The deliverable gives an overview of HEIRRI’s approach to designing training programmes for teaching and learning RRI in higher education and outlines the different steps of the development process consisting of four closely interrelated steps in detail; presents key findings from the HEIRRI development process, and especially the insights from consulted higher education stakeholders as well as the main conclusions for the final design of the training programmes; gives an overview of the ten final training programmes for teaching RRI, of further accompanying documents, and then presents each individual training programme.

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– Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation: A Phronetic Perspective. Mejlgaard, N., Christensen, M.V., Strand, R. et al. Sci Eng Ethics (2018).