Nowadays there is proof of the social and economical benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and there are already some policies to promote its practice and knowledge around Europe and also in other parts of the globe. However, some barriers still exist against RRI that prevent its practice from being integrated in the modus operandi of research and innovation professionals.

It has been observed that RRI is capable of focusing better on global societal challenges at the same time that can make investments in research and innovation more efficient. These benefits should be emphasized more often, because of the barriers that still these days hinder research and innovation systems from incorporating RRI.

A solid and global training on RRI for all professionals of research and innovation related fields is one of the best ways of fighting the mentioned constrains. Awareness, knowledge and acquisition of skills and tools to incorporate RRI as a regular part of professional practice should be learned as early as possible, and here is when Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and training curricula become crucial.

What barriers do you think are the most commonly found when trying to incorporate RRI into the everyday practices?
Have you ever tried to incorporate aspects of RRI into the Research and Innovation system?

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