‘We need another set of skills, which is beyond the technical of the subjects that are being taught at universities. We need to enhance and foster the critical thinking, we need to give a sense of social responsibility. We need them to be reflexive in terms of their own role and responsibilities in the positions that they will be taking in society once they complete their education’ (Niels Mejlgaard, Director of the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy. Aarhus University, HEIRRI Consortium member)

‘In the case of the HEIRRI project, when we started the project we thought about very innovative methodologies that has been proven to be very effective in teaching, like Problem Based Learning’ (Gema Revuelta, HEIRRI project Coordinator. Director of the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society. Pompeu Fabra University, HEIRRI Consortium member)

‘How to, actually, assess what the impact of the pedagogies? We have a lot of systems for quality assurance in Higher Education. And those systems haven’t been adjusted to take account the RRI’ (John Goddard, Emeritus Professor of Regional Development Studies. University of Newcastle)

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