The 1st HEIRRI Conference ‘Teaching RRI at University’ will take place on Friday 18th March at Cosmocaixa Science Museum in Barcelona.
Lecturers and attendees will discuss about how research and innovation should respond to the needs of society and how universities can contribute towards a responsible science education.

The Conference will bring together around 200 professionals working on the R&I system, such as universities, higher education institutions, research centres, science museums, industry, scientific communication organizations, public institutions and civil society organisations. Attendees from more than 20 countries around the world, including Japan, US, Brazil and more than 12 European countries, will discuss about the need of integrating the RRI into the education at University during the several lectures, workshops and a poster session at the Conference.

Towards a responsible science education
The Research and Innovation (R&I) system is under profound transformation. Society increasingly relies on R&I to address the challenge of our times, such as climate change, global health or sustainable development. In this scenario emerges the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), which provides a holistic view of how the R&I system should respond to the needs, values and expectations of society with greater transparency, inclusion regarding gender and minorities, ethics, and broader societal participation. Education plays a critical role in this transformation. Future scientists must share this responsibility with all the actors involved to foster and consolidate the ongoing changes.

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