The new year has started and Nature begins it as well intending its editorial to the engagement between science and society. On the 4th January 2017 issue, this international weekly journal of science encourages researchers to venture beyond their comfort zones to engage with citizens. 

Read the editorial here.

Picture copyright: Nature

In the context that the editorial discusses about, educating today’s students, who are members of society and future researchers, is critical for developing a responsible voice of tomorrow. An education beyond the technical core of the subjects is necessary to engage students as committed, active, thinking citizens in the development of our societies. HEIRRI aims to align the system of research and innovation with the needs, expectations and the values of society. However, in order to achieve such convergence, future researchers should be trained to understand the ethical, social needs of their communities. Why is RRI training in higher education institutions necessary to strengthen the relationship between science and society? Read more here.