Most often the bathroom is tiled with such a material as tile. In order to maintain its original gloss and appearance, it is important to understand how to properly care for tiles. Additionally, it’s worth worrying not only about the shine, but also regarding the fact that the top layer of the tile does not have slight mechanical damage. To do this, let’s look at the very proper methods to care for tiles in the bathroom.

  • Long battery lifetime;
  • simplicity of maintenance
  • a high degree of durability;
  • a variety of designs and colours.

To maintain these qualities for a very long time, it is necessary to properly care for the tile. Otherwise, there is a white stain on the walls, which hides all the original brilliance, and in the linking joints can appear very dangerous formation – black mold. Stay away from such issues will help regular and proper care of the coating.

Household chemicals

Specialized stores that sell various hygiene products and household chemicals have several tile maintenance products in their variety. Cleaning powders have in their composition small abrasive particles which could harm the tile coating.

In the event the status of the tile has reached the stage a white scum has generated or rust has emerged, you can use a way for cleansing on the basis of contamination. Another benefit of this indicates is that the disinfecting effect.

In the case where there’s a desire to wash out the tiles, but no special means, and a visit to the store was not planned, you may use the preparation for cleaning windows. Such products contain ammonia, which will be effective at returning the tiles to their lost luster.