Forum Online

The Forum Online is a space for debate and dialogue between the project and the many stakeholders affected or involved in RRI and/or HEI. This multi-stakeholder online dialogue aims to raise the awareness and knowledge of RRI, to contribute to the co-development of Open Access specific instruments that stimulate the integration of RRI in professional careers, and to contribute to the integration and institutionalization of a debate of RRI aspects. Furthermore, the HEIRRI Forum Online also aims at raising awareness of the activities of the HEIRRI project among all stakeholders involved or affected by R&I.

Offer to participate in an informed dialogue on integration and a better application of RRI in higher education!

Since the HEIRRI project intends to launch a real dialogue on the integration of RRI into higher education with the essential stakeholders, experts and practitioners of RRI, we encourage you to leave your email address (send an email to Subject: HEIRRI online forum participation request) if you are interested in being part of a structured email conversation on RRI in higher education.