RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) is a transformative emerging principle of research and innovation policy.  The RRI concept emerges from scholarly research that is critical of the status quo of the science – society interface. The aim of HEIRRI project (Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation) is to start the integration of RRI within the formal and informal education of future scientists, engineers and other professionals involved in the R+D+i process.

HEIRRI mainly works around the six RRI «key aspects»  identified by EC (societal/public engagement, gender equality, open access, science education, ethics and governance in R&I), but above all those six “keys”, HEIRRI wants to stress the potential of RRI as a  transformative, critical and radical concept.

HEIRRI will create and share on OA a stock-taking inventory constituted by a State of the Art Review and a Data Base. The inventory will gather results of other EU funded RRI projects, good cases and practices of RRI and RRI Learning. Also, different stakeholders involved and/or affected by R&I will participate in a debate and reflection process on RRI Learning through online and offline Forum actions.

Results from the inventory will represent the basis for RRI Training programs and formative materials, offering the students knowledge and skills to develop viable solutions to specific problems related to R&I, integrating theory and practice. They will be designed for the different HEI educational levels (undergraduate, MD and PhD, summer courses and MOOC), mainly based on Problem Based Learning methodology, and

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supported by multimedia materials (videos and microvideos, 2.0 materials, etc). All results and products elaborated by HEIRRI will be uploaded on OA at RRITools Platform.

The project involves 9 partners from 6 different countries. A global scope and expertise on RRI is provided by the HEIRRI consortium. Get to know more about the HEIRRI Consortium here.

Three advisory boards – i) the Multidisciplinary Contents Council (MCC), ii) the Business & Entrepreneurship Advisory Board (BEAB), and the iii) Science Communication & Internationalization Advisory Board (SCIAB)-, each one with specific aims and tasks, give support to the Consortium and contribute to the decisions about some parts of the HEIRRI activities.