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· Newsletter09, November 2017 ·
2nd HEIRRI Conference & call for abstracts launch!

· Newsletter08, July 2017 ·
Two Higher Education institutions in Algeria and India get involved in education and RRI!

· Newsletter07, March 2017 ·
Call for Applications to test RRI training materials and more HEIRRI news!

· Newsletter06, January 2017 ·
HEIRRI at the IAU 15th General Conference “Higher Education: a catalyst for innovative and sustainable societies”

· Newsletter05, November 2016 ·
HEIRRI, moving forward! The art of inquiry and innovative teaching

· Newsletter04, September 2016 ·
Gathering RRI & RRI learning practices: the HEIRRI database is now online!

·Newsletter03, July 2016 ·
RRI education to strengthen the relationship between science and society

· Newsletter02, May 2016 ·
Attendance success at the 1st HEIRRI Conference. Happy to have you abroad!

· Newsletter01, March 2016 ·
1st HEIRRI Conference, Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation at University