During the 1st HEIRRI Conference ‘Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation at University’, held on March 18 2016, five short videos were produced. The first video shows a general overview of the congress and the intense debate and participation that emerged during the event.

The other four videos are videocapsules with interviews recorded during the conference, approaching 4 differents topics related to RRI in institution fo Higher Education; particularly, benefits in RRI in HEi, pedagogies and RRI in HEi, students and RRI in HEi & challenges and RRI in HEi.

For these four videos were interviewed members of the HEIRRI project or people with the scope of the RRI and education, such as: Gema Revuelta, Coordinator HEIRRI project and Director of the Center for the Study of Science, Communication and Society at the University Pompeu Fabra; Roger Strand, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Bergen, and HEIRRI member of the consortium; Niels Mejlgaard, director of ‘Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy’ at the University of Aarhus, and HEIRRI member of the consortium; Ignasi López, director of the Department of Science of the Research and Knowledge of «la Caixa» Foundation, and member of the consortium HEIRRI; Jozefien Marree, ‘project manager’ of EnRRICH project Vrije Universiteit Brussel; and John Goddard, emeritus professor of Regional Development Studies at the University of Newcastle.

Which are the benefits of teaching issues related to RRI at Higher Education Institutions? Are there any specific teaching formats or pedagogical practices which are particularly conducive to RRI teaching? Are students sufficiently interested in RRI? Are there any barriers constraining the promotion of RRI in teaching and learning? Which are the pedagogical / didactic challenges?

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