On 1st of February 2018, a pilot trial of the Train-the-Trainer HEIRRI programme called «Facilitating reflection on Responsible Research and Innovation«, took place at the University of Split (UNIST). It was a one day workshop aimed at Higher Education teachers and other academic and non-academic staff.

The workshop was designed to introduce participants to the concept of RRI through case examples and discussion, in order to grasp the significance of a wider science-society relationship and to re-think both research and teaching. Participants engaged in speed dating and card exchange game. They also discussed a transversal scenario on aging and were involved in Five corners activity, where they considered benefits of different educational methods.

There were 13 participants in total, coming from a variety of disciplines, including biomedicine, forensics, kinesiology, architecture, civil engineering and humanities and social sciences. The age and experience of participants ranged from postgraduate students to professors, research office staff and vice deans.

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