The reception “Opening Science to Society” took place on November 15th at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU in Brussels. The event was organized by, the international network of National Contact Points (NCPs) for Science with and for Society, and the Swedish Advocacy Platform for Science With and For Society. The reception gathered political representatives, members of parliament, and international experts on SwafS and RRI.

The centre of the event was a fish bowl session with the participation of RRI experts all around Europe: Philippe Galiay, Ignasi López Verdeguer, Cissi Askwall and Michal Boni. Interesting discussions took place about the future of RRI, its institutional implementation and the barriers encountered. After the fish bowl, a “project pitch session” started. The HEIRRI project was presented in such a setting by Núria Saladié, who gave an overview of HEIRRI connecting it to the concluding remarks of the fish bowl, which reflected on the importance of education as a tool to transform society. 10 other EU projects were presented as well, such as RRI Tools, FoTRRIS, GENPORT and NUCLEUS, among others. The Project Officer of HEIRRI, Maria Korda, also attended the event.

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