When talking about introducing the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into higher education, many stakeholders play a relevant role in this task, and should be kept in mind, well-informed, and if possible, engaged, from early stages of the process.

Education & Research

Stakeholders from the education and the research sectors are very relevant for the HEIRRI project. Teachers can provide with first-hand feedback about training materials and assess the effectiveness of the materials created. Researchers can put into practice the RRI principles and start working on more inclusive ways of developing their research projects, building new networks and strengthening ties with other disciplines and/or departments. However, maybe they need specific training on RRI before being able to teach it. Moreover, the current definition of “excellent science” does not contemplate the concept of RRI in the practice of scientists, so the system does not incentive its integration.


For business, the implementation of RRI could be beneficial to develop new networks and products taking into account concepts of sustainability and end-user needs. New niches and specific markets can flourish and new synergies between networks can be discovered and enhanced.

Civil Society Organizations (CSO)

CSO play a relevant role in RRI as well, especially if we focus on experiences like Science Shops. CSO know how to reach different communities and build real bridges and communication channels between higher education institutions (HEI) and citizens. They can lead to a better informed society, which would tend to a more engaged citizenship in political processes of HEI and other public organisms of the community.

Policy makers

Actors from the policy making sphere can be relevant in the integration of RRI in higher education curricula if they take active measures in the field of research and education so that they align with the RRI principles and become more accountable for their actions.

In your opinion, which group of stakeholders is more relevant when introducing RRI into higher education curricula? Why?

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