Last October, the annual S.NET congress took place in Bergen for the 8th time. This event was a great opportunity to openly discuss about new trends in emerging technologies, their policies and fields affected. The HEIRRI project was presented at the session “RRI, education and public participation”, together with other European initiatives like RRI Tools and NERRI.

The concept of RRI was widely discussed during the conference. Among many things, some people talked about the need to include more considerations, like Sustainability.

Some experts argued that Research and Innovation, to be truly responsible, should always include a sustainability side to them. However, neither in the six policy agendas (i.e. public engagement, gender equality, open access, science education, ethics and governance), nor in the four process dimensions identified by the EC (i.e. diversity and inclusion, anticipation and reflection, transparency, and responsiveness) do we find the concept of sustainability in this or any similar form of consideration for the environment.

This debate was very rich and proper arguments were used in its favour. Because of the relevance and importance of taking the environment into account, sustainability should be taken into account when talking about RRI.

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