The HEIRRI conference celebrated on March 18th was a great success. You can read here a brief summary of the day and also check the final programme and the HEIRRI Flickr page for the pictures.

More than 150 people from 20 different countries attended the conference in CosmoCaixa (Barcelona), a great amount of people if we take into account the specificity of the topic: “Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation at University”. The HEIRRI conference was not only about disseminating the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), but it went one step further and sparked the discussion among relevant stakeholders of how RRI can be integrated into higher education. During the event, different practices, training resources and methodologies were discussed (regarding issues such as gender equality, governance, open access, public engagement, anticipation, diversity, inclusion, reflection, responsiveness or transparency), and reflection was fostered by proactive participation and engagement with all attendees.

Rather than being just an informative event, the HEIRRI conference became a real forum of opinions and valuable insights. Everyone learnt and listened: attendees but also the HEIRRI direct members. The conference is a vital part of the project and the outcomes helped in better defining its coming steps. Thus, the conference is not understood an isolated event, but rather a highlight of the project calendar where a new and powerful wave of information and reflection strengthened the pool of knowledge related to HEIRRI.

The initial prediction of the conference was that it would be a first nucleus of debate starting from already existing RRI networks, HEIRRI members and other relevant stakeholders, with an attendance of 80-100 people. However, the actual result of the conference exceeded all expectations. That is why we would like to thank all participants for their priceless insights and reflections. Thanks for sharing them with HEIRRI!

What did you learn at the 1st HEIRRI Conference? Do you have any insight you would like to share with us? Get involved! Use the HEIRRI channels to communicate: Twitter account (, Facebook page (, or LinkedIn group (

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