On March 10th 2017, the HEIRRI consortium gathered in Barcelona to attend the 1st Review Meeting of the project, which also had the participation of the HEIRRI Project Officer, Maria Korda, the Policy Officer Maria Karamitrou, and an independent external expert-reviewer, Peter Gray. From the HEIRRI consortium, representatives from six institutions were there to present their work.

During the meeting, the whole group revised collectively all the work done during the 1st Reporting period (1st September 2015 to 30th November 2016). Main actions undertaken were explained and commented, like the Forum Online, the 1st HEIRRI Conference, the State of the Art review and Database, the development and training programmes and some materials, the internationalisation and communication plans and the formative evaluation of the project.

The feedback received was overall positive: HEIRRI is progressing very well towards the objectives planned. This opinion is shared among the consortium and the HEIRRI Advisory Boards.  In the coming months, the HEIRRI training materials will be drafted and tested in several pilot experiences around Europe and beyond.

The review meeting was a very encouraging session where the whole HEIRRI team congratulated and positive ways of improvement were suggested.