«The benefits of teaching RRI in Higher Education institutions are both for society and science. Universities prepare future professionals of sciences and engineering to become part of the society, to be good professionals and to think and reflect about the consequences of their profession, their work and also to think into the future» (Gema Revuelta, HEIRRI project Coordinator. Director of the Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society. Pompeu Fabra University, HEIRRI Consortium member)

«One of the main benefits is to provide a sense of the challenges that engineering students and scientists will be facing in their professional lives. To giving them an understanding of the complexities of modern society but also providing an understanding of the society problems and the problems that they will be facing in their lives» (Niels Mejlgaard, Director of the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy. Aarhus University, HEIRRI Consortium member)

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