All HEIRRI Deliverables

  • Forum Guide of Work – WP1 Multi-stakeholder Forum (D1.1)
    The FGW details the strategy for the HEIRRI Forum actitivies
  • 1st Conference Report – WP1 Multi-stakeholder Forum (D1.2)
    This report details the organization and development of the 1st HEIRRI conference
  • Inventory Guide of Work – WP2 Stock taking/inventorying (D2.1)
    The main objective of this deliverable is to outline the work to be done in WP2 and its interrelatedness with the other work components of the HEIRRI project
  • State of the art review  – WP2 Stock taking/inventorying (D2.2)
    This deliverable presents the results of the State of the Art review of RRI and RRI learning
  • HEIRRI Database  – WP2 Stock taking/inventorying (D2.3)
    D2.3 develops a database containing the evidence collected during Task 2.1, the State of the Art review, and to provide open access to its contents
  • Training Programs Design Guide of Work – WP3 Training Progams Design (D3.1)
    D3.1 states the specific protocol of work, criteria and mechanisms of decision-taking as well as the points and processes for interaction between WP leader, Advisory Boards and Forum
  • Training Programs Design – WP3 Training Progammes Design (D3.2)
    D3.2 presents the final HEIRRI training programmes and the process of developing them
  • Training Materials Protocol  – WP4 Training Materials Protocol (D4.1)
    D4.1 states the specific guide of work and processes for interaction between WP leaders, Advisory Boards and Forum of WP4 and the materials created
  • Internationalisation Plan – WP6 Internationalisation (D6.1)
    Document that establishes the exact terms and details of WP6 and the instruments of coordination with the rest of WPs, particulary WP1, WP7 and WP9, RRITools and the 3 Advisory Boards
  • Communication and Dissemination Plan – WP7 Communication and Dissemination (D7.1)
    This deliverable establishes the terms and details of WP7 and the instruments of coordination with the rest of WP, particularly WP1, WP6 AND WP9, RRITools and the 3 Advisory Boards
  • Evaluation Protocol – WP8 Formative Evaluation (D8.1)
    Document explaining the specific strategy and methodology to guide the internal evaluation of the HEIRRI project
  • Coordination and Management Plan – WP9 Coordination and Management (D9.1)
    Plan of the HEIRRI project development regarding Management and Coordination tasks