2nd HEIRRI Conference ‘Education towards a responsible society, transforming universities through RRI’

“Education towards a responsible society, transforming universities through RRI” Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna, Austria April 27th, 2018   Context Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) offers a framework in which the Research and Innovation system can respond to societal issues in an ethical, transparent and inclusive way, allowing for the engagement of stakeholders to dialogue

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Training course on Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) for Researchers

The Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework is gaining momentum across Europe as a strategy to align scientific and technological progress with socially desirable and acceptable ends. However, when turned into daily practice, the RRI concept reports certain difficulties derived from its vagueness and ambiguity that hampers its implementation. To bridge this gap between theory

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Training Workshop on Responsible PhD in India: RRI and PhD Research Projects

The Jawaharlal Nehru University, by the hand of Dr. Anup Kumar Das, is organizing the workshop ‘Training Workshop on Responsible PhD: RRI and PhD Research Projects’ in framework of the HEIRRI internationalization plan to spread the project amongst Higher Education Institutions outside Europe. In this interactive workshop, the HEIRRI Self-Learning Module “Responsible PhD: Integrating Responsible Research and

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