From April 3rd  to 6th  2018, the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, hosted the International Conference of the Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) network. This year, Gema Revuelta (Director of the Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre, SCS-UPF and HEIRRI coordinator), Carolina Llorente (SCS-UPF Coordinator) and Núria Saladié (SCS-UPF International Projects’ Coordinator and HEIRRI project manager) participated in this year’s event, revolving around the theme “Science, Stories and Society”.

This biannual event is of great relevance internationally. It gathers science communication professionals from all over the world, including science and technology journalists, museum representatives, the academia, and many more.

In the framework of the HEIRRI project, Núria Saladié coordinated the workshop “Landing on reality though a future scenario: a case on responsible research”. In this workshop, some of the teaching materials created within the HEIRRI project were presented in a practical, hands-on approach. This way, participants were able to learn not only about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) but also about how it can be taught.

On the 5th of April, Gema Revuelta chaired the roundtable “Training on RRI: experiences on responsibility”, with Steve Miller (University College London, representing the RRI Tools platform), Alexander Gerber, University Rhine-Waal, representing the NUCLEUS, CREATIONSand RRING projects), and Núria Saladié (Pompeu Fabra University, representing the HEIRRI project). Gema Revuelta facilitated the debate to discuss from all points of view (audience and speakers) the topic of RRI and education.

The PCST Network promotes discussion on the theory and practice of communicating science, and of public discourses about science & technology and their role in society.

More info on the PCST Network here.