Science solves many societal challenges and creates wealth, welfare, and wellbeing for many people. Unfortunately, science and technology can also cause ethical dilemmas, controversies, and new risks.

The concept of “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI) encourages researchers to consider the needs and values of society in their research and innovation practice – meanwhile reflecting on e.g. ethics, gender equality, and open access – as well as engaging the public in discussions about science.

This PhD-course, organized by the HEIRRI Consortium member Aarhus University, introduces participants to the concept of RRI with relevant readings, a short lecture, and group work on interdisciplinary cases of controversial research. It will also enable participants to incorporate RRI principles in their own PhD-project as they will present their projects to peers from diverse research fields and discuss potential improvement. The course will be finalized with a public science café at the Steno Museum in Aarhus where the participants will get the chance to present their work to a broader non-academic public; engaging them in dialogue about science and getting their view on research.

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