After three years of work, the RRI Toolkit is online and an ambitious training and advocacy program on RRI is running through the RRI Tools Hubs and networks all around Europe. The RRI Tools Final Conference will be held on 21-22th November in Brussels and it addresses the full range of R&I stakeholders.
The general aim of the conference is to create the ideal space for discussion and reflection on how to implement RRI and on what is the logic evolution of this concept and policy towards a more open science and innovation system.
HEIRRI will present at the parallel session ‘Learning by doing’ on Tuesday the 22th November, by the hand of Núria Saladié, from the Science, Communication and Society Study Centre (Pompeu Fabra University, UPF), project manager of HEIRRI. This session will focus on how we can incorporate the principles and practices of a responsible and oppen way of doing in the education of the researchers, innovators, and citizens of tomorrow.
The conference will also host, in the evening of Monday 21st, the Awards Ceremony of the European Foundations Award for Responsible Research and Innovation, a sister initiative that aims to recognise the best 3 RRI projects in Europe and to publish 15 good RRI cases throughout Europe.
+ info about the conference: http://www.rri-tools.eu/final-conference