The National Information Day and Horizon2020 projects’ workshop of the Croatian Agency for Mobility was held on 3rd June at the University of Zagreb.  After the introductory welcome speech, Miljenko Šimpraga, in front of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Monika Ivanovic, presented a plan for space research and its application in Croatia. Marina Pražetina, from the Joint Research Centre of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, presented the open tenders of the Horizon2020 «science with society and society» framework.

HEIRRI was present at the final workshop by the hand of Ana Marusik, Professor at the University of Split, member of the HEIRRI consortium. HEIRRI participated at this workshop together with other projects and initiatives focused on the application of tools for research and innovation, such as Open Aire, GenderSte, Scientix, Make it and RRI-Tools.