What are our big ideas for research-based higher education in the 21st century?
How can universities align both research and teaching to address global challenges?
How can research-based education help universities impact public policy?
How can research-based education allow universities to better address inequalities, including of race, gender, and indigenous people?

These are other questions were analyzed and discussed during the ‘Connecting Higher Education: International perspectives on research-based education‘ Conference, held on 26th-27th-28th June in London. It was hosted by the UCL Institute of Education – University College London. This international conference seeks to conceptualise higher education for the future and it focuses on how research-based education can help universities make an impact for good in the world.

HEIRRI was present at this Conference by the hand of Núria Saladié, from the Science, Communication and Society Study Centre (Pompeu Fabra University, UPF), project manager of HEIRRI.  She will be participating at the Symposium ‘(Re)Orienting research-based education towards a responsible research and innovation perspective’, together with Catherine O’Mahony, Melanie Smallman and Valentina Tassone.

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