The Discover the World 100 will be hosted by Universidad de Navarra, Spain, on Wednesday 29th March in Pamplona. The event aims to explore issues of reputation from a national specific perspective and it precedes  the conference ‘Building University Reputation‘; a debate about the concept of university reputation and its implications in the current global stage.

Gema Revuelta, HEIRRI project coordinator and director of the Studies Centre on Science, Communication and Society at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), will give the talk ‘Powerful Public Engagement – making an impact at UPF’, explaining the importance of public engagement in Higher Education institutions and connecting it to the HEIRRI project.

Other relevant talks which will be given during the event will be ‘Communicating Spanish research: challenges & opportunities’ (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid -Valerio Rocco Lozano, Vice-Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer), The IESE Way: building a global business school on three principles (IESE Business School – Professor Xavier Oliver, Director Corporate Marketing Communications), Representing Spanish Excellence in Europe (Office for the Promotion of European Research Activities Alliance 4-Universities – Stefanie Ubrig), W100 Events and 2017 W100 conference Utrecht and W100 Study Tour Groningen (Utrecht University – Cor Jansen, Director of Communications), W100 Academy (University of Navarra – Miriam Salcedo de Prado, Professor of Communication, and Mark Sudbury – W100 Academy Trainer Pro-Vice-Chancellor, St Mary’s University, Twickenham), W100 Research and benchmarking (University of Manchester – Alan Ferns, Associate Vice-President for External Relations and Reputation).

More information on the event here.