According to the updated bill, bookmakers Kazakhstan may be transferred to individual reservations. We also learned about the cancellation of the decision to set up three gambling zones.

 According to information from, the government of Kazakhstan intends to move the bookmakers in the gambling zones. This was stated by a representative of the Majilis Nurlan Nigmatulin, who noted that most of the amendments prescribed in the relevant draft law on gambling business of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall be fundamental.

 As stated by Nurlan Nigmatulin, the document excluded rules relating to the opening of three gambling zones, the betting must be transferred to the operating IRKZ, which are located in the city Kapchagai and Borovoye village.

 By the way, before we wrote about the planned introduction of accounting rates of the Center for bookmakers Kazakhstan.

 It is noted that in a previous version of the bill involves the creation of three new gambling zones in Almaty region (Pidzhimsky rural district of Panfilov district), in the Talgar district (Altausky rural district), as well as in the Mangistau region on the Caspian Sea. However, due to revisions made by deputies in the document were excluded rules on the opening of new facilities.

 The representative of the Majilis said changes made, and said that the need to develop the tourism sector and, as a consequence, to replenish the state budget is not a basis to residents of the country, particularly big cities and regional centers, were at risk of the formation of a gambling addiction.

 Recall, the head of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan stated to exclude from the bill of the item on the creation of three gambling zones.

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