A retired couple from Uoterlooville (England) Ron and Joan Broomhill, recently celebrated the 62 th anniversary of their wedding, in the drawing of the National Lottery won £ 1 million. Retired guessed five main numbers and the bonus point, in connection with which tore a large jackpot.

 Couple having three children and three grandchildren, told the press that in their case, the key to playing the lottery was a team effort. Ron, who was an officer in the Royal Navy for 41 years, always buys the tickets, while Joan is responsible for their verification.

 Joan said she burst into tears of joy when checking lottery ticket on the phone, I learned that all the numbers guessed, and the amount of the prize is 1 million pounds. Soon, the woman waited for her husband and delighted his big win. After that, the pair shared an amazing news with her daughter and younger son.

 Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the government introduced a ban on the distribution of https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/ancient-arcadia-online-slot/ lottery tickets by unauthorized operators.

 After confirming his win and receiving money in the bank, Ron and Joan planned the near future. In the first place, they decided to help the family. Ron gave his car to his granddaughter and plans to buy a new one. Also a couple eyeing the new kitchen and the whole family is planning to go on a cruise to see the Norwegian fjords.

 It is known that for the last 25 years, the National Lottery has collected 40 billion pounds to charity, while highlighting the 565 thousand. Grants for sports, arts, cultural heritage and public affairs. The volume of prize winnings obtained by players, was 73 billion pounds, 5,500 people became millionaires.

 Recall, the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria said the establishment of the state monopoly on lotteries.

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